Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

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Bright, white teeth can do wonders—they’ll boost your self confidence and make you feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, so many of our patients complain of yellow teeth. Read on to learn the reasons why teeth turn yellow, and what you can do to brighten them up!

Thin Enamel

If the tooth enamel is thin, the color of the dentin beneath shows through, giving the teeth a yellowish look. Enamel may be naturally thin, perhaps due to genetics, or it can become worn down over time, from chewing and from damage from the acids in certain foods and drinks.


If you smoke cigarettes, you’ll likely find yourself battling tooth discoloration as well. Nicotine leaves a yellow or brown tinge on the surface of the teeth.

Food & Beverage Stains

There are certain foods that can stain the surface of your teeth. Common foods that stain are tomatoes and berries, though there are many others that can leave you yellow. Among the beverages that can give you trouble, coffee and red wine are the most potent when it comes to tooth discoloration.

Improper Dental Care

Inadequate care is a common cause of yellow teeth. Without regular brushing and flossing, you’re not removing the stain causing elements we’ve listed above, allowing them to linger and fade the natural white of your teeth to yellow or brown. Brushing twice daily, and flossing once every day, will help maintain a sparkling smile. The addition of whitening products, such as toothpaste and rinse, can help too.

Professional Teeth Whitening at Normandy Dentistry

When it comes to your teeth, remember, they are precious. Steer clear of do-it-yourself solutions to discoloration and stick with dentist-approved products. Here at Normandy Dentistry, we can recommend products that will get you a bright, white smile, and we offer professional whitening services as well. We’ll be able to guarantee a safe and effective process. Check out our website to learn more about the services we offer.

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