Are Your Teeth Overly Sensitive?

Sensitive teeth are an extremely common problem among American adults. As the enamel (outer layer) of our teeth begins to erode over time, it can leave the dentin (lower layer) of the teeth exposed. This can lead to pain and sensitivity at the nerve of the tooth. So how do you know if your teeth are sensitive, and what can you do about it?

Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

  • Have you noticed sharp, sudden pain upon eating hot, cold, or acidic foods?
  • Are the everyday hygiene habits of brushing or flossing creating pain at your gums?
  • Do routine dental checkups make you wince with pain?
  • Does exposure to cold air hurt your teeth?
  • Does eating hard candy, chips, or other crisp or chewy foods cause you pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have overly sensitive teeth. Don’t worry. There are steps you can take to combat this problem and give yourself some relief.

What You Can Do

  • If you know you suffer from Bruxism (teeth grinding), consider getting a night guard for your mouth. We can get you fitted for a comfortable custom guard that will help your teeth sensitivity and maybe even your sleep.
  • Keep up with your oral health routine. Brush two times daily with a soft bristled brush and floss daily.
  • Consider using a “sensitive” toothpaste with fluoride, that will help strengthen teeth.
  • Avoid acidic foods and any other foods you may feel are contributing to your pain. This won’t mean giving up soup or ice cream forever. Teeth sensitivity may come and go and will improve if you follow our recommendations.

Let us know about your symptoms! We’ll give you personalized tips if you tell us what’s happening. We want you to be comfortable, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re experiencing new or worsened mouth pain for any reason.

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