5 Reasons to Avoid Corporate Dentists

Not everything about corporate dentistry is problematic. It has created several opportunities for dentists and surely has helped a number of people in improving their dental health. However, corporate dentistry is quite different from a privately-owned practice. The following are some of the concerns that come along with choosing a corporation-owned dental office over an individual-owned dental office.

1. Difficult to Maintain a Patient-Focused Practice

Due to the necessary rotation of dentists and dental teams, corporations with several dental office locations can be a bit removed from their patients. At Normandy Dentistry, we maintain the same dental staff each time you visit and we enjoy hearing about anything new in your life since your last appointment. We chose dentistry because we’re people-focused, and that shows in every aspect of our practice.

2. Performance Quotas

Many corporate-run dental offices have productivity quotas. This means they have to perform a certain number of procedures and see a specific number of patients each day. With us, we do what’s right for the patient. We’ll never recommend unnecessary treatments to meet a bottom line.

3. Offices Are Staffed Differently

With corporate offices, there is a high demand to hire dental teams quickly rather than meticulously. When we bring team members on, we want to ensure they’re the right fit for our team and our patients. We find that their ability to interact with patients and have compassion is equally as important as their educational background.

4. Low Retention Rates

For reasons we’ve laid out above, it makes sense there is a higher rate of turnover with dentists leaving at corporate-owned dental practices. This leads to an overall less personal touch for patients who value finding a dentist they trust and feel comfortable around. When we make additions to our team, we’re confident they’re the right fit. Our goal is to fill our office with dental professionals that will be with us for many years to come.

5. Financial Bait

Oftentimes, chain dental practices reel patients in by offering a new patient special or free services. These are great, but they can be misleading when you are faced with the real cost of treatment in the future. We offer several financing options, including our very own Normandy Dentistry Savings Plan.

It comes down to a small business versus a big business mentality. At Normandy Dentistry, our goal is to make you feel valued and cared for. When you’re with us, you’re part of the family. Schedule your next appointment today!

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