4 Old-Fashioned Dental Tools & Techniques

Fortunately for us, we have access to sterile, comfortable dental care with minimal stress or pain. The same cannot be said for many of our ancestors. The further you go back in the history of dentistry, the more and more it starts to sound like the premise for a horror movie! Here, we’re going to discuss four outdated dental tools and techniques that have thankfully faded into the fog of the past. However, they serve as a reminder that our modern-day dental experiences aren’t that bad after all.

  1. Pelican Pliers without Sedation
  2. Pelican pliers were invented in the 1600s for jewelry makers and barbers to perform tooth extractions. This tool was given its name for its likeness to that of a pelican’s beak. A much more advanced form of these pliers are used today by dentists. Our pelican pliers are indeed utilized for the same purpose, but we can thank the science of modern sedation for not having to endure an extraction while fully conscious.

  3. Mouthwash Made of WHAT?!
  4. An incredibly unfortunate part of our history is a substance that people used to use as mouthwash… urine. The ammonia in pee was thought to have cleansed the mouth and whitened teeth. This was a widespread belief up until the 18th century. Yuck!

  5. Toothbrush Bristles From Animals
  6. Toothbrush bristles made from the hair of horses and boars might not be as disturbing as the pee-mouthwash, but it’s still definitely not what we’re used to. In ancient China, they formed toothbrushes from pieces of whittled bone and horse hair. Within the last few hundred years, people widely used bristles plucked from the neck of a boar until nylon bristles were introduced in 1938. Animal-hair toothbrushes certainly kept more stable oral health than no brush at all, but there’s no reason to horse around with outdated dental tools and cast your oral health before swine today. We recommend using an electric or manual toothbrush with soft nylon bristles.

  7. Imprecise Dental Drills
  8. By far the scariest dental tools of yesteryear are the various dental drills used on patients afflicted by tooth decay. Stone Age drills made of flint tips and bow tools (traditionally used to start fires) look more like tools of torture than helpful medical devices.

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