Are Your Teeth Overly Sensitive?

Sensitive teeth are an extremely common problem among American adults. Read our blog post to find out if your teeth are overly sensitive, and what you can do about it. Contact us to learn more!

4 Old-Fashioned Dental Tools & Techniques

Read our blog post to learn about 4 outdated dental tools and techniques. Come check out our modern-day procedures, services, and technology! Our team will make your visit as stress-free and pain-free as possible. Contact us today.

What Causes Halitosis?

If you’re disgusted by your breath, read our blog post to discover what may be causing your persisent bad breath. We can help turn your breath from foul to fabulous. Schedule an appointment with our expert dentists by contacting us today!

Our Dentist Who Speaks Chinese: Dr. Yuntao Jiang

Are you interested in learning more about our expert team here at Normandy Dentistry? Check out our blog post highlighting Dr. Jiang, who speaks Chinese! Dr. Jiang and the rest of our team invite you to join our dental family—contact us today.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe? (hint: yes!)

If you’re worried about radiation exposure during a dental X-ray, read our blog post to ease your fears. We reveal whether dental X-rays are safe (hint: yes!), what they are, when you need them, and what might happen if you skip out on them. If you have concerns about the safety of X-rays, contact us today.

Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

Read our blog post to learn about why and how you should be brushing your dog’s teeth. We offer tips to make your furry friend’s oral care routine as “pawsitive” as possible. You and your dog both deserve a smile worthy of the “pup-arazzi”. Call our office for help taking care of your own dental needs!
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