Can Gum Disease Cause Mental Health Issues?

Research has shown that your oral health and your overall health are closely linked, and specifically mental health. Read our blog post where we explain whether gum disease can cause mental health issues. We also look at how mental health can impact oral health.

How Genetics Could Affect Your Dental Health

You may have been told that cavities or other dental issues run in your family, but is this scientifically possible? If you’re concerned about what oral problems may present in your lifetime that might be inherited, we want to help. Read our blog post for information on some common dental problems that have been shown to be genetically handed down from generation to generation, and what to do if you suspect you have them.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Bright, white teeth can do wonders—they’ll boost your self confidence and make you feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, so many of our patients complain of yellow teeth. Read our blog post to learn the reasons why teeth turn yellow, and what you can do to brighten them up!

Dental Fads You Should Avoid

There are a number of dental fads on the market you may be tempted to participate in. Read our blog post to learn about some of these oral crazes and why you should avoid them. Contact us to learn more about dental fads!

Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

We know how common dental anxiety is. Read our blog post to see how we strive to make our offices and services as convenient and comfortable as possible. We want you to know the ways we’ll help you to feel calm while you’re with us.

Are Your Teeth Overly Sensitive?

Sensitive teeth are an extremely common problem among American adults. Read our blog post to find out if your teeth are overly sensitive, and what you can do about it. Contact us to learn more!

4 Old-Fashioned Dental Tools & Techniques

Read our blog post to learn about 4 outdated dental tools and techniques. Come check out our modern-day procedures, services, and technology! Our team will make your visit as stress-free and pain-free as possible. Contact us today.

What Causes Halitosis?

If you’re disgusted by your breath, read our blog post to discover what may be causing your persisent bad breath. We can help turn your breath from foul to fabulous. Schedule an appointment with our expert dentists by contacting us today!
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