Are Dental X-Rays Safe? (hint: yes!)

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You brush twice a day, floss at least once a day, eat well, and exercise. But sometimes, environmental factors that are out of your control can negatively impact your health. With different reports questioning the safety of X-rays, we understand that you may be concerned about the impact of dental X-rays on your health. So why do we use dental X-rays, and can they damage our health?

What Is a Dental X-Ray?

A dental X-ray gives our dentists an opportunity to get, quite literally, a full picture of the state of your oral health, from your teeth to your gums and down to your jaw! X-rays allow us to identify early stages of issues, like gum disease and decay, developing below the gum line, making it easier to make an accurate plan of action to best improve your oral health.

What Is the Dental X-Ray Process?

The dental X-ray process is a simple one and only takes a few minutes. While you sit back and relax in the dental chair, one of our dental hygienists will place a protective lead vest over your chest and instruct you to bite down on a bitewing while they take pictures of your mouth at different angles.

Are Dental X-Rays Dangerous?

Some people believe that X-rays are dangerous because they expose you to a certain amount of radiation. It is true that too much radiation exposure can cause premature aging, cancer, and DNA mutations. However, the amount of radiation that you’re likely to be exposed to during a dental X-ray is very minimal and won’t cause damage. In fact, a dental X-ray emits less radiation than an airport body scanner! If you have weak immunity or are pregnant, talk to your doctor before having an X-ray for extra precaution.

When Do I Need a Dental X-Ray?

If you’re visiting us for the first time, or have a dental issue like crooked or broken teeth, wisdom teeth pain, or gum disease, you will likely need a dental X-ray.

What Happens If I Don’t Get an X-Ray?

Unless you have a medical reason not to have an X-ray, skipping out on a dental X-ray can mean that you’re putting your oral health at risk. By not letting us take a more comprehensive look at your oral health, you’re running the risk of developing oral health issues unknowingly and allowing them to worsen without treatment.

We Offer Safe, High-Quality Dental Care!

At Normandy Dentistry, we utilize top-of-the-line technology to deliver the quality oral care that you deserve. If you have any questions about dental X-rays, or any of the many comprehensive services that we offer, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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