Sedation DentistryIf you feel nervous or even fearful about coming in to see us, you’re not alone. Many our patients used to feel this way until they experienced just how comfortable dental care is with the help of sedation dentistry at Normandy Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL. Your dentists and dental team at Normandy Dentistry are sensitive to some of our patient’s dental anxiety. With that in mind, we’ve created a physically and mentally comfortable environment at our dental practice in Jacksonville, FL.

We begin by discussing your feelings to determine how we can best tailor our dental care to meet your individual needs. We offer a number of dental sedation options to calm and relax you before and during each dental appointment. Our dentists and dental team always use a gentle touch and refined dentistry techniques; however, we know that offering a wide range of sedation dentistry services increases the effectiveness of your dental treatment and your comfort. For many of our anxious patients, we are able to give sedation medicine that totally relaxes them and allows them to rest during their visit. We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help patients be comfortable and relaxed. This safe, easy dental sedation option can be great for children and adults to help relieve dental anxiety.

Whether oral, intravenous, or nitrous oxide, Normandy Dentistry will do everything possible to ensure your comfort and relaxation during your visit. Your dental sedation preference is key to alleviating dental anxiety and ensuring that you have the most comforting and pleasing experience. In most instances, you will leave our dental office with just a fuzzy memory of your procedure because of the dream-like state that some sedatives may induce. Our patients often report that the work lasted only a few minutes, though it may have actually been an hour or two.

Dental Anesthesia

High-Strength Numbing Gel

We use high-strength topical gel to numb the gums before an injection, eliminating that initial pinch from the needle. This helps alleviate nervousness you may feel from the sight of a syringe.

Local Anesthetic

We use a powerful local anesthetic that, when combined with our high-strength numbing gel, makes dental procedures painless.

Warmed Anesthetic

We have invested in technology that heats our anesthetic to body temperature, which removes the “cold” feeling often experienced during an injection.


As part of our patient-oriented comfort process, we use an award-winning device called the DentalVibe, used by only the most exclusive practices in the area. The DentalVibe sends soothing vibrations deep into the gum tissue during an injection. Because vibration signals travel to the brain faster than pain signals do, DentalVibe’s vibrations reach the brain first and block pain from being felt, allowing for comfortable administration of intraoral injections.

The Wand (Single-Tooth Anesthesia/CompuDent®)

The CompuDent is cutting-edge dental technology that provides a more comfortable injection experience. This tool is computer controlled, ensuring that the flow of the anesthetic is accurate, slow, steady, and comfortable. The numbing affect is localized and limited to one area — you don’t leave our office with a heavy, numb feeling in your face. Perhaps best of all, its appearance is small and pen-like, removing the intimidation from the injection experience.

Nitrous Oxide

At Normandy Dentistry, your comfort is our primary concern. One of our most commonly used dental sedation methods is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. You might not be giggling before it’s used, but chances are you won’t feel — or fret — much after you breathe this gas.

Nitrous oxide is perhaps the most sought-after clinical sedative because it offers an ideal experience: a painkiller that induces a euphoric feeling. When laughing gas is first administered, you’ll feel a tingling sensation in the arms and legs, followed by a warm feeling of well-being. It’s an effective option for increasing comfort because relaxation occurs quickly and the depth of sedation can be increased or decreased, which few other sedation techniques allow.

The effects of nitrous oxide wear off a few minutes after the gas supply is stopped, so if you opt for this sedation method, you should be able to drive home after the procedure.

To experience the difference and ask us how our sedation methods can relieve your nerves and allow you to have the most comforting dental visit, call 904-240-4049, or complete our online form.

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